Winter Camping Tips

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Winter may be a no-go for camping for some, but for others, winter camping opens a new door for adventure. Your outdoor skills, endurance, and patience are put to the test when roughing the outdoors in cold Canadian winters. Winter camping is a difficult feat and yet one that is fun, different, and something worth putting on your “I accomplished that!” list. And, nothing beats the majestic winter views of snow covered trees, frozen ponds and lakes, and the dead silence of winter.

To help your brave the wintery nature, Campertunity presents to you the best tips for winter camping. Have a read and if you have further suggestions, please feel free to comment below.

Dress Warm for Winter Camping



This may be obvious but we can’t emphasize enough the importance of dressing warm. And, by warm we don’t mean simply pilling up layers, but instead making sure you have the right lawyers. The right lawyers will keep you warm while making sure you don’t sweat too much, which will have the opposite effect of making you cold and wet. 

Bringing extra pairs of everything is also a great idea, if you have the room. Otherwise, the necessities, like extra gloves, socks, and tuque, are essential for winter camping.

Pack the needed gear for winter camping



Best gear to pack for winter camping? An all season tent that won’t cause condensation. This means having a tent that have provides protection for up to -40 degrees Celsius. A foam pad underneath your sleeping bad is helpful to keep you away from the cold ground. Or, try a hammock tent to keep you off the ground completely. 

To protect your tent even further, pitch it under the protection of trees, and add a tarp to keep rain and falling snow away.

Winter campfires



A little harder to ignite in the snow and rain, winter camping fires are still possible. All you need is to pack fire starters, which include wood, paper, and camping fire starter logs. Easy to find at any hardware store or Canadian Tire store, fire starters are life savers on those cold evenings. How to start a fire with wet wood takes some practice and is worth mastering.

Camping is a fun activity to do all year round, so brave the cold, grab the right gear, and get outdoors. The outdoor fun of winter camping is endless, so pack your snowshoes, skis, skates, and find your perfect campsite on Campertunity.

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