What Is Agri-Tourism and How it Involves Camping

by | Nov 29, 2018 | agri-tourism, Camping, farming, tourism

Agri, or agro, tourism involves any agriculturally based operation or activity that brings visitors to a farm or ranch (thanks Wikipedia!). With rising prices and climate change, among other matters, farmers and ranchers are finding other ways to earn an income, and agri-tourism is one of them. I dove deeper into what it means and how it’s good news for camping enthusiasts.

At Campertunity, I regularly talk to landowners across the country who are interested in promoting agri-tourism because they believe they have a beautiful backyard and want others to love it, too.

Landowners rightfully also believe that it’s important to teach the importance of nature, sustaining land, and appreciating animals.

So, what better way to do this than to invite people to visit your property?

You may be wondering where camping falls into it all. The short answer is this: camping + promoting a farm = agri-tourism.

How to mix camping with agri-tourism


If I may take a moment to brag, here’s what I love about Campertunity: its a mix of camping, nature, fun, and experiencing farm life. Want to have campers stay on your property under the rules of agri-tourism? Have them see a cow being milked, or pet goats, feed pigs, or even pick blueberries.

This would be an experience for any camper to appreciate nature while learning about it.

The legal jargon: the policy of agri-tourism


Why does the government want to promote agri-tourism? Because it helps the economy. I decided to add the policy provided by the Agricultural Land Commission (the “ALC”), for those who don’t mind a legal read:

Agri-Tourism can take place on land within the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) if that parcel has; farm status under the Assessment Act, no new permanent facilities constructed for Agri-Tourism,  no permanent parking areas or parking that interferes with the farm’s agricultural activity, and falls under one of the “Agri-tourism on a farm” meanings in section (4) below:

(4) “Agri-tourism on a farm” means the following:

(a) an agricultural heritage exhibit displayed on the farm;

(b) a tour of the farm, an educational activity or demonstration in respect of all or part of the farming operations that take place on the farm, and activities ancillary to any of these;

(c) cart, sleigh and tractor rides on the land comprising the farm;

(d) subject to section 2 (2) (h), activities that promote or market livestock from the farm, whether or not the activity also involves livestock from other farms, including shows, cattle driving and petting zoos;

(e) dog trials held at the farm;

(f) harvest festivals and other seasonal events held at the farm for the purpose of promoting or marketing farm products produced on the farm;

(g) corn mazes prepared using corn planted on the farm.

If hosting campers has been a thought, now is the perfect time to do it with the support of the government and campers alike. Need more information specific to your area? Please e-mail us at info@campertunity.com
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