What Happens When You Support Farmers Markets

by | Oct 29, 2018 | Farmers Market, farming

It’s known that food from farmers markets are a healthy way to eat, but let’s dive deeper into the numerous other positive effects from buying local food. Every time you buy a piece of fruit, vegetable, poultry, etc. from our friendly local farmers, you are creating a ripple effect that’s bigger than you may have thought. Here’s what’s happening:


Helping farmers sustain their land. Running a farm is a lot of labour and cost, so let’s help our farmers continue to feed us healthy food by saving their farmland. With no middle-men, farmers markets allow you to pay the farmer…and only the farmer, which often saves you money and makes the farmer more profit.

Creates independence. Imagine if our farmers went out of business, forcing us to become dependent on imported foods. If you want to know the negative effects of being dependent on other countries for imports, just think of the rising price of gas. Growing and buying crops domestically creates self-sufficiency, meaning our food security is low risk.

Less food waste. You know those perfect looking tomatoes and carrots you see in supermarkets? That’s actually not what all tomatoes and carrots look like. Only the “good looking” ones make it to the store shelf and the rest get thrown out. What a waste! That’s why you’ll see vegetables in all sorts of shapes and forms at farmers markets. Just like all of us, what’s on the outside doesn’t matter…it’s what’s inside that counts.


Supports local economy. Most farmers live within 100km of where they attend farmers markets, and they are likely to employ people on their farms. So, money generated by farmers is going back into the economy. We keep our money flowing within our own community. That’s a pretty great ripple effect of buying local.

It’s a great experience to be able to chat with the producers of your food directly to dispel myths and help make food choices based on facts. Feed your family with the healthiest options, avoid tireless reading of labels to avoid allergy breakouts, and have fun at farmers markets…all while knowing that your contribution is doing so much more.

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