Campertunity and Duuo: 5 FAQs on Duuo’s short-term rental coverage for Campertunity hosts

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Summer is fast approaching which means the perfect camping weather is almost here! There are many ways you can get ready for campers to come enjoy your property, but one of the most important ways to prepare is by getting covered with short-term rental insurance. Here are 5 of the most asked questions about Duuo’s short-term rental policies as it relates to Campertunity hosts. 


1. What is the difference between short-term rental coverage and my regular home insurance policy? Don’t they cover the same things?


Since property-sharing platforms like Campertunity are such a new concept, many traditional home insurance policies exclude damages or accidents that happen on your property that are caused by guests or renters. Duuo’s flexible short-term rental coverage was designed to help fill in the gaps of your home insurance policy to specifically cover events that occur as a result of your hosting activities on sharing platforms. With Duuo’s Short-Term Rental Insurance, you can select exactly what days your property will be hosting campers, so you can be covered exactly when you want and how you want.


2. Why do I need to protect my land, people are sleeping in tents outside!


We know you take pride in your camping oasis, and we can imagine that you have put time and money into making your landscape beautiful! Duuo Short-Term Rental Insurance covers items like trees and plants in addition to other physical property just in case they get damaged while campers enjoy the outdoors. Duuo also offers liability protection for Campertunity hosts, designed to protect them in the event someone is hurt while renting their property. As well, short-term rental insurance can also cover you if there are cases of vandalism or theft on your property, no matter if it occurs inside or outside! 


3. What kind of stuff does a Duuo short-term rental policy cover? 


Short-term rental insurance from Duuo includes:

  • $2 million in liability
  • The full replacement cost of your property and its contents
  • An additional 11 extensions of coverage specific to short-term rentals including infestation, vandalism, loss of income, and more.

Our policies are on a per night basis, starting from just $6.50/night! For more information on what is and isn’t covered in your policy, check out our policy summary.

4. How can I purchase coverage? 


Purchasing Duuo insurance is simple! Fill out a few details about your property and the dates you plan to rent out your property, and we’ll provide you with a free quote!. After receiving a quote, you can sign up and purchase your policy. It only takes a few clicks to get your property covered so you can have peace of mind this camping season!


5. What happens if my guest cancels on me? 


Your policy may be cancelled up until midnight of the scheduled policy start date (your guest’s arrival date). This means if one of your campers cancels their stay, you are able to cancel the specific policy prior to their former arrival date. To cancel your policy, log in to your Duuo account and go to the Stays Dashboard.

Everyone knows it feels good to be prepared for anything that comes your way. Short-term rental insurance is the perfect way to prepare yourself for hosting campers, so you can help ensure that this summer is a good one! Visit to sign up and get a quick quote today!

Article by Nora Lozano, co-founder of Campertunity, an online peer-to-peer marketplace where landowners can list their land for campers to book for short term stay. Follow Camperunity on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! Learn more and find a campsite!: 

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