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Book A Private Campsite and Take Photos For Money

by | Jun 16, 2022 | Camping | 0 comments

You found the perfect campsite. The tent is set up, you’re sitting on a mossy log, and the sun is setting behind the mountains.

You want to capture this moment in time. So you pull out your camera and snap a photo.

It’s even better than you expected. The sunset is a sherbet rainbow and the mountains have never looked more stately. It captures the essence of the campsite perfectly, and you have to share it with the world.

You could post it on Instagram, for free.

But what if you could get paid for taking photos of beautiful places?

Book a private campsite, take photos, and get paid

You’re in luck!

We’re looking for campers and aspiring Ansel Adams who love the great outdoors to take photos of Campertunity campsites! For every camping trip, we’ll pay $50.

Here’s how it works:

  • Book one of our amazing campsites through Campertunity’s network of exclusive campgrounds
  • Bring your DSLR camera (no smartphones, please) and take photos of your experience (we recommend at least 10)
  • Submit your photos to Campertunity with details about your campsite
  • Campertunity will select the best photos, based on quality, aesthetic, and how well they showcase the campsite
  • If your photos are selected, we’ll send you $50!
  • Photos will be used on the Campertunity website and in other marketing materials

We’re looking for photos that make Campertunity hosts’ campsites look beautiful and help potential guests imagine themselves enjoying a stay at sustainable, eco-friendly Canadian properties.

A beautiful campsite nestled alongside a river
A tent and camping chairs on a platform in the forest

Some of our favourite Campertunity photos

Not sure what to photograph? Here are a few suggestions to inspire you:

  • Take photos from multiple angles (such as the sunset on one side of the campground and the sunrise on another).
  • Be creative! Try to capture something unique or interesting about your campsite that others may not have seen before.
  • Don’t be afraid to take pictures of you and your friends or family having fun!

Check out our photography tips for Campertunity hosts.

For more inspiration, check out this National Geographic article on how to take great nature photos (note: you’ll have to sign up for a free account to read the full article).

Use your imagination (but follow these guidelines)

We’re looking forward to seeing what you create, so there are no hard and fast rules — but we do have a few guidelines:

  • Use a high-quality DSLR camera
  • We prefer high-resolution JPEG images but will accept PNGs
  • If your photos feature people, make sure they are over 18 and have given consent
  • Make sure your photos are in focus, well-lit, and well-composed

Aside from these guidelines… let your creativity and love of nature lead the way!

Three campers, including a woman, two men, and a dog, sitting in front of a tent on a wooded campground
Male and female campers sit on a rock in front of a waterfall

Don’t forget to take photos with your friends!

How to submit your camping photos to Campertunity

Submitting your photos is easy:

  • Please use the naming convention Your Name_Campsite Name (eg., Suzy Bishop_Camp Ivanhoe)
  • Upload to Dropbox or Google Drive and share with us at
    Include your name, email address associated with your Campertunity account, and phone number
  • Name of campsite and date(s) stayed
  • If your images are accepted, we’ll be in touch!💰

Photos that are chosen will be used on our website and in marketing materials. You’ll be asked to sign a document stating that the photos belong to Campertunity.

A lush green clearing in the middle of a forest
A yurt0shaped tent with trees and sky in the background

More beautiful photos from private Campertunity campsites

Book a private campsite today — and don’t forget your camera!

At Camptertunity, our mission is simple — to get you camping. We believe that everyone deserves easy access to nature.

If you’re a camper, a nature lover, and a photographer, we’re willing to bet that you share our vision of sustainable, eco-friendly, and community-driven camping. And hey, what’s wrong with making some extra cash along the way?😉

Join us on our mission to get people camping — book a private Campertunity campsite today. Bring your camera, your creativity, and your inner Ansel Adams.

We can’t wait to see what you capture with your camera!

Article by Campertunity, an online peer-to-peer marketplace where landowners can list their land for campers to book for short term stay. Follow Campertunity on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! Learn more and find a campsite!: 

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