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When camping we all want visceral views, heavenly hikes, wondrous water spots… and comfortable commodes. Toilets are one of the number one things campers are looking for when deciding where to book. Unless they are experienced back country campers and very secure with using a shovel, campers are hoping to have access to a private place for their business. With more and more people exploring the great outdoors – especially families with children – there is a growing trend and need for outhouses, port-o-potties and/or composting toilets.

With toilets available to campers, you can easily double your price per night. As a host, you may not want to build an outhouse, but luckily many companies will deliver “potties” to you. This service often includes cleaning when needed and you can incorporate a small cost to the camper which over time would cover the cost of the service. Happy campers equals higher reviews and more bookings, which in turn means more revenue.

Campertunity is here to help!

Here is a list of the best companies to get you started with delivering port-o-potties based on price and service.




British Columbia

Pit Stop


Toilet: $125 + GST (Delivery fee is an additional $45)

Hand washing station: $175 + GST

*Delivery fee is only charged per trip.

They also offer cleaning services once a week.




Toilet: $165 + GST + $9 environment disposal fee (28 days)

Hand washing station: $200+ GST

Delivery fees:$50 to deliver 50 to remove

They also offer cleaning services once a week.


King’s service


Toilet: $120 + GST (28 days cycle)

Hand washing station: $160 +GST

Delivery fees: $50 each way


Super Save Group


Toilet + hand washing stations: $470 per 30 days  + weekly cleaning + delivery fees/removal fees included.

*fees may vary where you are located in Ontario

Nova Scotia

Royal Flush

(902) 477-6400

Toilet: $165 + GST (includes weekly cleaning)

Hand washing station: 210 +GST (weekly cleaning included)

Delivery fees may vary depending on the location

However, if you are the handy type and would like to take a turn at building a ‘loo’, please take a look at our “How to Build a Composting Toilet” blog for detailed, step-by-step instructions.

At the end of the day, we are all creatures of comfort and creating a comfortable toilet situation for campers will make a big difference for your listing on Campertunity.

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