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Own land and want

to make money?

List your land with Campertunity to start welcoming campers to your backyard. One acre or many makes no difference; if you have space for a tent, campers want to rent.
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How Campertunity works


List your land for FREE

With nothing to lose and plenty to gain, creating a listing is fast, easy, and FREE. Our friendly Canadian service means we are available to help.

Host when you want

Welcome campers according to your schedule. Your dedicated Campertunity calendar, listing profile, and messaging centre lets you easily manage your bookings on Campertunity.

Get paid quickly

Weekly payouts mean you get your money fast and securely. Sustaining your land just became easier.

Why should I host?

Show your land to the world
show everyone your lovely campsite

Being a Host means introducing the nature surrounding you to those who dream of it. Canada is the best country to camp because we have everything: nice folks, exciting camping activities, and every scenery one can imagine. It takes just a few minutes to list your land to become a member of our Host community, where you earn extra income, connect with campers, and get people outdoors easily

Camping is eco-friendly
show everyone your lovely campsite

Because sustainability and the environment is important to our survival, we believe that the more camping options available, the more likely people are going to get outside.

Have space for an RV to park?
show everyone your lovely campsite

If so, your Campertunity profile can attract RVers who need a night, or few, where they can park their RV. No hookups? No worries. Just say what you have available and let the campers choose the bookings.

Need insurance?
show everyone your lovely campsite

Campertunity offers air-right insurance for just the nights you host campers. At a low rate that can be incorporated into your price per night to the camper, Campertunity’s insurance gives real coverage, unlike the million dollar liability offered by other websites. Learn more in our FAQ section.

What about toilets?
show everyone your lovely campsite

No problem. Campertunity offers advice from how to build your own out-house to where to find a low-priced portable toilet. Ensuring your comfort and that of your guests is our goal.

Frequently asked questions

How do I list my land?
Scroll Up and click the "Let's get started!" button. Oh, and we’ve found that Hosts who include photos of people enjoying themselves on their property get the most attention. A friendly write-up along with a friendly face is always a warm welcome! Thanks for listing your land on Campertunity!
What about bathrooms?
You don’t need to have toilets available in order to list your land. We welcome all Hosts to create a profile and let the camper decide if its the right fit for them. If you’re definitely wanting toilets available, Campertunity has step-by-step instructions on how to build a composting toilet and tips on where to get a low-priced portable loo. We can even provide advice on building an outhouse. And, Campertunity allows the option for you to only welcome RVs and no tent camping. We want to make sure you’re comfortable.
What about insurance?

We recommend that hosts gain proper insurance to keep yourself protected. Our preferred insurance partner is Duuo, underwritten by The Co-operators General Insurance Company. At Duuo, you can purchase a policy online in minutes, and you only take out coverage for the nights you have guests. Prices per night are around $6 for solid, reliable coverage.

Other options include getting extended liability on your already existing home insurance. It may amount to a few extra dollars per month depending on your insurance provider. The next time you speak to your insurance company, just ask, “Does my coverage include campers on my property? If not, how can I add it?”

And, if you own a commercial campground and are listing it on Campertunity, we ask that you please add Campertunity as an insurer to your policy.

As Campertunity grows, our goal is to include our landowners on our insurance policy for free. Your listing your land now helps us to achieve this goal so we can all benefit. So, thank you!

What is acceptable land to list?
Any space that’s big enough to pitch a tent. We welcome small square footages to hundreds of acres. Campers are looking for all sorts of experiences, from long weekend relaxing to quick stops while en route to their final destination. The goal is to help people get outside, so whether you have rustic land or full amenities, a camper is wanting to rent it.
How do I price my campsite?
Pick whatever price you’d like. Just make sure you cover all your costs and are cash positive. The more you have to offer, like RV hookups, toilets, or maybe even a few fresh eggs from your farm, the higher you can price your campsite. And, play around with the pricing. If you are getting a lot of interest then increase your price, and vice versa if you aren’t getting many campers. The average cost is around $25 per night per campsite.
How much does it cost to list my land?
It’s free! There are no annual fees to list your land on Campertunity, so you can create a profile today and not pay anything. At Campertunity, we only make money when you make money. So, we take 10% from each booking to cover our fees and sustain the website.
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Campertunity - the ultimate guide to camping in Canada. With Campertunity, you can easily find and book campsites in some of the most stunning areas in Canada.


A great resource for finding campsites in all of your favourite locations. I had a first class experience. You also can find unique or one of a kind camping experiences!


Campertunity Camper


A wonderful experience! A gracious host, wonderful private site - all huge pluses. We had no difficulties with bookings.


Campertunity Camper


Campertunity gives the general camping public nicer, better options and it gives farmers the opportunity to make an extra income


Campertunity Host

Join Campertunity now and seize the opportunity to earn extra income, build community, and sustain the land you love!

Join for free, host when you want, and get paid every week.

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