How To Rainproof Your Camping Trip

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Just because there’s rain in the forecast doesn’t mean you should cancel your camping trip. 

Here’s how to make the best out of your camping trip even when it’s raining like crazy (and you feel like you might go crazy).

Remember your Scout’s training — always be prepared 

The first step to camping in the rain is bringing the right gear. You only need a few key items that can be reused during every camping trip, including: 

  • Tarps! They wrap up nicely, so bring multiples  — for your tent, for your picnic table, and anything else that might need to stay covered. 
  • If you’re tenting, a poly drop sheet to put under your tent. 
  • Tent fly to protect the roof from the rain. And even if it’s not raining, it will help keep your tent warm at night. 
  • A poncho or a rain jacket. Bonus: Even if it doesn’t rain, these are great for getting muddy and wet when you’re playing in the woods.
  • Umbrellas — they’re not just for the city!
  • Extra flashlights or lanterns. This way everyone can see what they’re doing when it gets dark or cloudy outside and you need light for cooking or playing games at night. (Don’t forget batteries — and make sure you store them in plastic.)
  • Extra clothes, especially fabrics that dry easily like wool and synthetics. Extra socks and underwear are critical. 

Once you’ve packed your essential rain gear, you’re ready to rainproof your campsite. 

Two people in rainboot roasting potatoes over a campfire

Rainproof your campsite

Here are some tips for setting up your campsite:

  • Stake down your tent so it doesn’t blow away in high winds or heavy rains. You can use guy ropes attached to nearby trees to secure your tent firmly in place.
  • Tarp over your eating or sitting area. Make sure you slant your tarp for proper drainage – otherwise you may be in for a cold, wet surprise when eating dinner!
  • Find a dry place to store your wood. If it does get wet, here’s how to start a fire with wet wood. 
  • Lay the drop sheet under your tent to add an extra layer of moisture protection. (Because is there anything worse than waking up wet and shivering?)
  • Ensure your sleeping bags, pillows, blankets, and clothes are stored in a dry place. 

You’ve rainproofed your campsite and sure enough… it starts to pour. What now?

Here are seven fun activities that will help you make the most of your rainy-day camping trip.

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