How to camp with kids

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With camping season upon us and many families wanting to enjoy the outdoors, we bring you Campertunity’s best tips on how to camp with kids. Camping with kids is an easy way to connect kids with nature while allowing the outdoors to entertain the kids. Packing the right items, having activities to do, and being prepared for nature’s elements will allow a fun time for everyone.

So, let’s get into how to camp with kids:

Practice camping at home

Camping with kids starts with setting up the tent in the backyard, living room or even the balcony. Kids love being in a tent and the feel of sleeping in a hut, just like they love building forts. Getting kids comfortable with a tent sleeping environment will get them ready for when they do it in nature, because familiarity creates comfort. 

With the tent pitched at home, show kids where the tent compartments are for flashlights and snacks, how to set-up and take-down the tent, and teach tips on tent etiquette (like keeping shoes out and always keeping the tent closed to keep spiders out!).

Get kids involved 

Getting kids involved when camping will make them feel responsible and part of the group / family. When kids have an activity to do, and they know how to do it because you already practiced at home, then not only do you have a little helper, but you have someone who is keen to do the work. 

Everything from helping to pitch the tent or fetching wood for the campfire are great ways to get kids involved while camping. By helping out, kids will learn about nature, learn how to camp, and feel like they contributed. That kind of feeling will make them want to go camping again!

Pack foods kids like

Just the mention of marshmallows and hot chocolate is a lure for kids, hence why roasting marshmallows by the campfire is often a kid favourite activity while camping. Healthy foods are ideal to pack but also grab a few comfort foods that kids love, whether its gummy bears or, who knows, broccoli. If kids know that their favourite foods are waiting for them at the campsite then they have something to look forward to, on top of all the other cool things to do while camping. 

And, even better, get your kids involved in food preparation. Showing them how to prep food in nature will encourage them to do the same at home, and will boost their confidence in survival in the outdoors. 

Research activities

Swimming, hiking, biking, canoeing…the list goes on and on for things to do while in nature. Being prepared ahead of time will not only ensure you have the right gear packed, but will also let kids know that fun things await at their campsite. That eagerness in having a campsite near a lake or farm is hard to beat. 

While camping comes with the usual activities, check out some Campertunity campsites that offer everything from painting studios to farm tours. Picking blueberries and seeing cows entertain kids while camping, and a variety of options will keep your kids busy in nature while teaching the value of sustaining our planet. 

Dress warm and comfortably

Being cold or wet while camping, whether with or without kids, can be miserable. Avoid the nagging and crying by packing the right gear while camping with kids. Clothing, gear for activities and sleeping, and food are the basics but remember that bug spray, sunscreen, and warm socks also need to be packed. 

Making sure kids are comfortable while camping will guarantee that they won’t throw any excuses at you the next time you propose a camping trip.

Pack comfort toys

Kids usually have a favourite toy, teddy bear, or blanket. Some of us still do! So, take it with you when you go camping with kids. If dark skies and the quiet of nature appear a bit spooky at first, a comfort toy will provide the psychological comfort kids need. There also might be great memories for kids when they share a fun time with their favourite toy. 

Following these tips will lead to a great time for you and the kids and, best of all, the memories. When asked what’s your favourite memory is, you’ll be surprised at how often kids mention the time they went camping. Have fun! Book your next camping adventure through

Have other great tips for how to camp with kids? Post in the comment section below.

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