How and Where to Go Camping

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This article was originally published in, where you can book a campsite on private land. 

Wanting to give camping a try? You’re making the right choice. How and where to go camping are the first questions asked by most campers. 

There’s no experience like sleeping in nature under millions of stars with the warmth of the campfire at your feet. Camping is a low cost vacation choice that gets you away from it all, whether you are traveling solo, with friends, or with family.

To help you get started on how and where to go camping, we outline how to rent an RV, where to rent camping gear, and where to find your perfect campsite. With your basic questions answered, at Campertunity, we welcome you to explore the great Canadian outdoors.

Where can I go camping?

 Your best opportunity for finding a campsite on vast, open Canadian land is at, where you can book a campsite on private land. 

The stressful days of booking a campsite months in advance or booking in crowded government campsites is over. With Campertunity, you can book a last minute campsite and not worry about expensive re-sales of campsites. 

What do Campertunity campsites offer? 

Campertunity hosts offer picturesque campsites in nature for you to park your RV and / or pitch your tent. On top of that, experiences offered include private lakeside access, fainting goat yoga, painting studios, horseback riding and farm tours. 


How does Campertunity work? 

Always free to join, Campertunity is as easy as search, browse and book. With a messaging system and easy to use website for both campers and Hosts, Campertunity makes getting outdoors easier than ever. You can customize your search using filters, check the calendar for availability, and pick a camping spot that offers whatever adventure you’re looking for.

Camping with your horse, motorcycle or wheelchair? No problem, Campertunity has a campsite waiting for you.


How can I rent an RV?


To rent an RV trailer in the lower mainlaind, BC area, check out Rent RV BC, where you will find their homepage featuring 8 trailers to choose from. Simply click on the trailer that best suits your needs, and check the availability calendar.

One of the friendly folks at Rent RV BC will then contact you to confirm your reservation and guide you through the next steps. Once your reservation is confirmed, an easy payment and damage deposit process is available via phone. It’s always nice to have someone available to help.

Any concerns with cleanliness can easily be answered by Rent RV BC. 

Not camping in Western Canada? Email Campertunity to get locations of other great RV rental providers across Canada.

What if I’ve never driven an RV before?


No problem, all you need is a valid driver’s licence with a minimum of 10 years driving experience and a tow vehicle, like a truck. Your tow vehicle needs a minimum tow capacity of 4000lbs / 1815 kg, with a working installed electric trailer brake controller and 7 pin connector.

This may sound complicated for the new camper, but it’s not. And, a full trailer orientation is included for all trailers. Rent RV BC is available to answer your questions and provide details.

Great news, too: your RV can be delivered to you anywhere in the lower mainland area, depending on location.

What about insurance for my RV?


Free. Insurance is no extra charge on all RV trailers at Rent RV BC and includes ICBC 5 million dollar liability and collision coverage. There’s not much more to say here.

How can I rent camping gear?


If you don’t have a budget to spend hundreds of dollars on camping gear for you and your family, then consider renting your camping gear. Check out Rent Eh Tent Canada, which offers anything and everything for camping, including tents, sleeping bags, back packs and even fishing gear. Just visit their website to look through all the gear to choose what you need. Camping vacation packages are also available, making camping an even easier vacation choice.

Once you’ve chosen your gear, simply contact Rent Eh Tent Canada directly to book. Speaking to a rep will help confirm the gear is available, and payment is easily taken over the phone; all complete with your confirmation email.

What if I damage the camping gear?


From time to time, camping gear does get damaged and, unfortunately, a camper is responsible for damaged gear during the rental period. Campers will need to pay for the replacement cost of the damaged gear.

Good news: in some cases, the gear may only need a simple repair. Rent Eh Tent Canada will try not to charge customers for repairs in most cases. After all, friendliness is a Canadian quality!

Is rented camping gear clean?


Yes. All camping gear is inspected for cleanliness after each rental. Sleeping bags and kitchen kits are washed after each rental. A quick email to Rent Eh Tent Canada will help you get all the details. 

The goal is to ensure your camping experience is what you want it to be. Health and safety is always a priority.

With some of the basic questions answered on how and where to go camping, we encourage you to give it a try this spring and summer. Getting outdoors is easy to do, and there are many health benefits to being in nature, on top of the fun you’ll have!

If you have more questions, please post in our comments section or email

Article by Nora Lozano, co-founder of Campertunity, an online peer-to-peer marketplace where landowners can list their land for campers to book for short term stay. Follow Camperunity on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! Learn more and find a campsite!: 

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