Campertunity Tips To Attract And Host Campers On Your Property

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Want to take your private camping property to the next level?   

Whether you’re new to the world of camping and want to learn more about the industry, or have already listed your campsite and are looking for ways to attract more campers and ensure they have a great time — we are here to help!

Below, you’ll find our top nine tips, tricks, and resources to help you spice up your listing, improve your campground, and ensure your guests have a unique camping experience they’ll never forget. (And make some extra cash in the process.😉)

1 .Take jaw-dropping photos

A yurt-shaped tent with trees and sky in the background
Horses running in a sunny green pasture

When it comes to hosting, first impressions matter — and your photos should make a memorable impression.

Here’s how to take great pictures: 

  • Start with a DSLR camera (or a smartphone if you don’t have access to a camera) and a tripod or stable surface to place your camera to avoid taking blurry or out-of-frame photos.
  • Set up the shot in advance by preparing the site. Mow the lawn, remove any trash or debris, and set up any props that will help show off your property.
  • Remember that lighting matters. The best time to take beautiful photos is an hour before sunset – known as the “golden hour”.
  • Highlight what makes your property unique, whether farm animals, a rushing river, lush gardens, mountains in the distance, etc.

Get more tips in How to take great pictures for hosting your property on Campertunity

2. Respond to messages within 24 hours and get 90% more bookings

Being a good host is all about good communication, and Campertunity provides plenty of opportunities for personal communication with guests.

Make sure you log in and check your messages regularly! Answer your guest’s questions as soon as possible, whether they are before they arrive, during their stay, or after they leave. This will make a great impression on them.

3. Write a bold, colourful description

Your listing should explain to potential guests what makes your property unique and highlight why they should book a stay. 

Use vivid language, write short sentences, and break up your listing into short paragraphs, so it’s easy to skim. 

Here are three examples of awesome descriptions to inspire you: 

  • The Goat Farm uses short, punchy paragraphs and fun, joyful language (“Most of all come see all the BABY GOATS!!!”) reflecting this property’s cheerful tone.
  • Crazy Dog Farm uses descriptive words (breathtaking, scenic, peaceful, serene) to paint an enticing picture of the property. They also make full use of the space provided to include details like campsite amenities, the distance to local attractions, and even a list of crops grown on the site. 
  • Grown Here Organic Farm includes a list of four delightful activities to enjoy while visiting their property, including a day spent volunteering on the farm. 

4. Provide bathroom facilities on your site

Toilets are one of the first things campers look for in a campsite. There are plenty of options for campground toilets, including outhouses, port-o-potties, and composting toilets. 

We get it — you may not want to dig an outhouse on your property! Luckily, there are companies that will deliver port-o-potties right to your campground. This service often includes cleaning when needed and you can even incorporate a small cost to the camper, which over time would cover the cost of the service. 

A wooden outhouse in the forest

We’ve put together a list of the best port-o-potty companies.

And if you’re handy and looking for a project, you can even build your own composting toilet. Learn how in our step-by-step guide

5. Protect yourself and your property with short-term rental insurance from Duuo

It’s wonderful to see your guests enjoying the natural beauty of your property. But insurance worries can dampen your enthusiasm for hosting guests.

Property-sharing platforms like Campertunity are a new concept, so traditional home insurance policies may exclude damages or accidents on your property by guests.

That’s why we teamed up with Duuo to offer their Short-Term Rental Insurance, which includes:

  • $2 million in liability
  • The full replacement cost of your property and its contents
  • An additional 11 extensions of coverage specific to short-term rentals including infestation, vandalism, loss of income, and more
  • Policies on a per night basis, starting from just $6.50/night

Learn more in our Duuo short-term rental FAQ

6. Create an instant connection with guests by sharing a photo of yourself

Campers love getting to know the owners of Campertunity’s unique campgrounds.

Adding your name and a smiling photo of yourself on the property to your listing will go a long way towards creating a welcoming environment for future and return guests. 

7. Respond to good and bad reviews

Engaging with guests doesn’t have to end when they check out. Back Forty Vineyard host Daryn and Creekside hosts Cindy C and Gene, among others, all respond graciously to reviews left by guests. 

8. Share helpful camping resources with guests

At Campertunity, we❤️camping (obviously)! We’ve produced a ton of camping resources that you can share with your guests before their visit, including: 

9. Create a cozy atmosphere with a safe firepit

Nothing says camping like a campfire. It’s the perfect spot to cook, tell spooky stories, and dry off after a dip in the lake. 

Whether it’s multiple firepits or a large one for the whole campground to enjoy a late-night bonfire as a group, a campfire is the key to an unforgettable camping experience

Remember to follow fire safety rules and be aware of fire bans in your area!

A fire pit surrounded by Adirondack chairs and a swing

Providing your guests with a memorable camping experience can be rewarding both personally and financially. 

To make sure your guests feel welcome, craft a clear listing with high-quality pictures, prepare your property for their visit, and keep the lines of communication open throughout their stay. They will be happy campers! 

Use these tips to update your existing listing, or start a new listing today on Campertunity

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