Best tips for Staying Healthy While Self Isolating

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As we brace for the worst of COVID-19 in Canada, many of us are self-isolating by staying at home to keep ourselves safe and reduce risk to others. While the first few days of self-isolation may be tolerable, the long run may have physical and psychological impacts to your well-being, especially considering that social distancing is unnatural for humans.

Campertunity, like many, is working from home and our team has put together our best tips for staying mentally and physically healthy while being cooped-up inside.

Stay connected

Even an introvert can admit that isolating for long periods of time is hard to do. Even if we can’t meet in person, we can meet over Facetime. We have a few apps that allow social gatherings via Facetime, including Messenger, What’s app, and Google Hangout for larger groups. Staying connected also gives a chance to ask friends and family how they are during during this pandemic.


If you have free weights at home and a yoga mat, then you’re set to work-out from home while gyms remain closed during a quarantine. Some free weight exercises will develop and maintain your muscles, and a yoga mat to keep your core and stretching in check. For some basic exercise routines to do at home, check out

Open windows

Opening windows, even if just one or two, is one of Campertunity because of the fresh air provide. Managing airflow means managing the virus and ensuring good airflow, which your lungs will appreciate. If we can’t be outside, at least getting fresh air from open windows is a good substitute during self-isolation. And, even better, if you have a balcony, step-out onto it when you can.

 Eat healthy


Binge watching Netflix goes hand-in-hand with eating pizza and popcorn. But, during isolation, eating healthy is important for maintaining your body. Fruits and vegetables are hard to stockpile, so grab them frozen to avoid future trips to the grocery store. Smoothies, juices, fruit snacks, and vegetables to accommodate your meals are necessary to stay healthy. You can either exit self-isolation with 10 pounds of fat or 10 pounds of muscle.  

Stay informed

Be on top of the news when it comes to COVID-19. When alerts are released by the Canadian government, it’s important for everyone to adhere to them, if we are going to get through Coronavirus together.

Be kind to one another, provide help to those who need it, wash your hands, and please isolate.

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