Why Campertunity?


Because we want all campers to have a fun and relaxing experience in nature.

Campertunity provides more campsite options by introducing camping to the shared economy. With Campertunity, you can easily book a campsite on private land, avoid expensive resales of campsites, and camp on vast picturesque terrain.  


Sustaining land

We promote agri-tourism and sustaining land. Many Campertunity hosts are farmers, giving campers an opportunity to see their food go from earth to table. Touring farms, meeting animals, and learning farm-life are just a few ways Campertunity boosts agri-tourism. Generating an extra income from bookings helps hosts sustain their land while keeping our food local and putting money into the economy. 

Helping the environment 

Camping leaves almost no footprint. So, opening more opportunities to camp results in more people getting outdoors to vacation, and less pollution and waste from other forms of travel. Being in nature means learning and loving our environment. Appreciating the environment ensures that we keep it clean. 


Building community

Great things happen when we meet new people. Campertunity connects worldwide campers to Canadian hospitality. Bringing folks together is what camping in the shared economy is all about. Power to the people! Instead of just booking a place to camp, book an opportunity to learn about Canadian culture and history through your host.


How It All Began


“Mark it in your calendar..campsite booking season starts soon,” said Nora, co-founder of Campertunity. “But, it’s January!” I replied. Still, I went ahead and nabbed our spot after scrambling through the stressful booking process and randomly picking a summer weekend that I hope I’ll be free.

That summer, Nora and I made it to our provincial park campsite to pitch our tent on a small gravel lot conveniently, but also not inconveniently, located near the bustling bathrooms. With our camping neighbours just a few feet away in their campsite plot, we kept our voices down, including our laughter.

In the morning, I woke to wonder what all the noise was. After my confusion wore, I realized it was the sound of vehicles leaving the park and people walking by. I felt a little exposed knowing that the only thing between me in my pyjamas and the dozens of strangers was my thin nylon tent.

Sound like a familiar scene? It’s this experience that led us to think that there must be a better way to camp. So, Nora and I decided to build Campertunity: a solution to the problem of there being too many campers and not enough campsites.  

We thought, “We share almost everything from our homes to our cars. Now, it’s time to share our backyards.” 

~ Guita, Co-founder, Campertunity


Meet Your Campertunity Team

Guita Yazdani, Co-founder of Campertunity

Born and raised amongst the mountains of North Vancouver, Guita still occasionally blurts out “Wow! Look at this place!” when referring to the beauty of Canada. If she had to pick between camping on a beach or camping on a mountain, Guita picks the beach. “I find the water to be calming and a good place to clear my mind.” Guita likes any kind of water sport to accompany her camping adventure. On her spare time, she can often be found in a kayak or dragon boat. Paddles up!

Nora Lozano, Co-founder of Campertunity

“Let’s do this hike. It’s an easy one. It’s only 22 kilometres.” Every weekend, Nora is on a hike to her favourite lookouts and camping spots. She prefers the mountain and can pitch a tent anywhere, even between trees with a hammock tent. “When I have a rough day, taking a deep breath of fresh air in nature’s peacefulness is the best.” When Nora isn’t busy hiking, camping, or trying out the latest camping gear, she loves a good book to read.

And, Hugo….who also likes to camp.

From start to today – how Campertunity has grown


Even before it’s launch, Campertunity grabbed the attention of the media, and now, after almost 30 interviews with major media outlets, Campertunity is showing a trend of doubling in size from the start of camping season to the end.

Campertunity went from 366 users in spring 2019 to 626 users in fall 2019, and more than double the number of campsite listings from 2018 to 2019. Reaching almost 800 users at the start of camping season 2020, we are excited to grow with you!


Support the shared economy, join Campertunity!



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