4 Ways to Have a Spring-tastic Camping Trip this Long Weekend

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Spring is in the air! With warming weather and increasingly sunny days, it is the perfect time to plan a family camping trip for the upcoming long weekend. And what better way to make for a memorable outdoor adventure than to add a dose of spring themed fun! Here are just a few ways to make your first camping trip of the April season a memorable and fun time for you and the family:

1. Host an egg hunt in the great outdoors

If your family is gearing up for a springtime egg hunt this coming weekend, why not bring the fun outdoors! With an abundance of clever hiding spots, many campsites will offer a nature-filled array of locations to stash these multi-coloured treats. This will make for an extra fun morning as the kids get to explore nature plus fill their baskets with colourful rewards! Just remember to pick up every hidden treasure once the day is done, and to leave your campsite as clean as when you found it.

2. Observe some of nature’s cutest, long-eared critters

One more wonderful thing about springtime is the newly emerging wildlife. Among these are one of nature’s most adorable furry friends: rabbits! Depending on your campsite, now is a great time to observe groups of bunnies in their natural habitat. Keep an eye out when visiting forested areas and meadows, and you might spot some of these adorable icons of springtime hopping about, and if you are lucky, they might also stick around long enough for a photo-op!

3. Enjoy a classic treat around the campfire… with a springtime twist!

If you love the taste of freshly toasted s’mores, then did you know there exists a spring-themed twist to this classic campfire treat? That’s right, simply replace your average white marshmallow with one of the many colourful and animal shaped marshmallow varieties offered this time of year (Peeps is always a favourite!). As you toast your new rainbow assortment of fluffy treats, each smore now becomes a fun snack to end off a great day of camping.

4. Paint some springtime eggs (or rocks!)

The campsite is a great place to paint eggs this spring, and makes for an even easier cleanup. A great tip is to boil a carton the night before, then bring the eggs along with a set of paints to enjoy a fun and crafty experience for the whole family. No eggs? Fear not, as there is a natural alternative that works just as well! Simply collect some smooth stones while exploring your nearby surroundings, and give them a spring-themed paint job. This makes for a great crafting activity, and a brightly coloured souvenir that can be taken home to remember the outdoor April fun.

These are just a few ways to brighten up your camping trip this long weekend. Know any more? Make sure to book your next camping getaway with Campertunity, and let us know what springtime activities you love to do!

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